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How to Test Watch Batteries

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testing watch batteries

While a watch battery is the most common culprit behind the problem when a watch stops working, there are several other things that could keep a watch from running.  A dead watch battery is a pretty easy fix, though there is always a risk in opening a watch back and working on the movement, therefore it is important to do everything you can to determine if the battery is actually the problem before opening the watch back

You can test a watch battery in two ways: While the battery is still in the watch case and once it has been removed from a watch case.  Most watch battery testers allow you to test a battery when it is in the watch and out of the watch and to learn How to Test a Watch Battery - Still in the Case, check out this article.

If the watch back has already been opened, or the watch battery is loose, you can also test watch batteries outside of the case.  This is particularly handy because it allows you to test the old battery as well as the new battery to be sure it is in good working order before inserting the new battery in the movement.  To learn How to Test a Watch Battery - Out of the Case, you can check out this article here.

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