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The Self-Winding Watch 18th - 21st Century by Jean-Claude Sabrier Hardcover

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The self-winding watch can be defined as a timepiece that functions without requiring manual winding. Since the beginning of its history, numerous watchmakers have invented countless devices to allow a watch mechanism to function without the owner's intervention. Mankind has always been fascinated by the idea of 'perpetual motion'. This book, by one of the world's foremost horological experts tells the story of one of the most important inventions in horological history - that of the self-winding watch. Originally developed because it allowed the elimination of the winding hole, and thus protected the watch's mechanism from dust and shocks, it later came to be appreciated for more practical reasons. As with almost all inventions, even the most basic ones, it is nearly impossible to determine either the inventor or the precise date of invention. Even the objectives and the means of attaining them cannot be defined with any degree of precision.

Jean-Claude Sabrier, formerly an antique dealer specializing in horology from 1960 to 1980, was a consultant for the Paris musée des Arts et Techniques, part of the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, as well as for several other museums in France and abroad. An expert with the Compagnie française des commissaires-priseurs and the Paris cour d'appel, until 2008 he was a consultant of the Swatch Group, advising its president Nicolas G. Hayek on aspects of the commercial, historic and cultural patrimony of Breguet and the other companies in the group.

  • The Self-Winding Watch 18th - 21st Century by Jean-Claude Sabrier describes the history of the self-winding watch in meticulous detail supported with amazing color photographs and illustrations. A very well done and in-depth book
  • Sample of contents: Origins and development of the invention, Earliest developments, Organization of production in Switzerland, France and Germany, Contemporary self-winding wristwatches, New Developments in Self-Winding Watches, Index of proper names mentioned
  • Hardcover, 308 pages
  • Illustrations: 308 color & 30 B&W
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1616083731
  • Book Dimensions: 12" x 9.75" x 1" inches