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The Watch & Clock Makers' Handbook, Dictionary, and Guide

Handbook in 11th edition
Your Price: $16.95
Item Number: 62.228
isbn: 1616082054
The classic and definitive guide to watch and clock-making, now available again! Widely regarded as one of the most famous and useful encyclopedias on watch and clock-making, this eleventh edition of the regularly updated guide was first published in 1907. This is the final edition Britten completed before his death in 1913, and it is full of classic information on tools, repairs, terms, and definitions. Britten’s book is the only place to get invaluable information on watch- and clock-making techniques and technology of the early-twentieth century and be-fore. The Watch and Clock Makers’ Handbook, Dictionary, and Guide is an important resource for hobbyists, artists, antique dealers, history buffs, students, and horologists—amateur and professional alike.

400 black-and-white illustrations

About the Author F. J. Britten is generally considered the preeminent horologist of his time. His alphabetized encyclopedic dictionary format makes his handbooks pleasure to reads, whether reading straight through or looking up specific terms and concepts. Britten is the author of the classic guides Old Clocks and Watches and Their Makers and The Watch & Clock Makers' Handbook, Dictionary, and Guide. He served as secretary of the British Horological Institute for thirty-three years and passed away in 1913.

  • 504 Pages Paperback
  • Size: 8.2 x 5.5 x 1.7" inches

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