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Gold Buying Business Tips

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Refining can be an important part of any jewelry store's business. If systems are set up properly, refining can help bring in business and improve cash flow. Advertise that your customers can trade in their old jewelry or other scrap metal FOR CASH! Refiners will buy old gold, platinum, silver, and diamond scrap jewelry. This can include engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, gold metal watches, foreign gold coins, sterling silver flatware, candlesticks and a lot more!



Use Refining to Bring in Business

Everyone has an old high school ring, a broken chain or an outdated piece of jewelry that their husband bought on Christmas Eve. Advertise that your store will give great trade-in values for jewelry that is turned in. It works successfully for many other business that take trade-ins of old cars, old bikes and sports equipment. The beauty of promoting trade-ins for old jewelry is that a profit can be made on the traded-in item as well as the sale of the new piece of jewelry. Another advantage is that jewelry trade-ins can be promoted during slow periods and can be done more that once a year.



Use Refining To Improve Your Cash Flow


Don't hoard your scrap gold, platinum, palladium and silver. Your goal should be to turn your scrap like the rest of your inventory, at least twice a year. Remember that scrap gold does nothing for you unless you trade it in and turn it into usable material or cash.

Find A Good Refiner

A good refiner will challenge jewelers to split their scrap and test us against anyone else in the industry. Make sure the scrap is mixed evenly as possible. If you only have one 10K ring and can't snip it in half, pull the piece out. We have acquired many loyal customers through the split lot test of our proven higher returns.



Estimate How Much To Pay Your Customer

You may use these handy charts to buy scrap from your customers to generate profit and increase traffic into your store.  The table below equals 75% of the actual metal value which allows you 25% profit. you can adjust your profit accordingly.


e.g Market = $600/oz.

        5.6 dwt of 14k scrap x $13.20/dwt=$73.92
        2.1 dwt of 18k scrap x $16.80/dwt=$35.28
                                                Total = 109.20

Karat Gold Estimator - " What to Pay Your Customer "

Karat Purity 75% of
per DWT
10K .4167 .312 .016 $8.80 $9.60 $10.40 $11.20
14K .5833 .437 .022 $12.10 $13.20 $14.30 $15.40
18K .7500 .563 .028 $15.40 $16.80 $18.20 $19.60
22K .9167 .688 .034 $18.70 $20.40 $22.10 $23.80
24K 1.0000 .750 .038 $20.90 $22.80 $24.70 $26.60


Platinum Estimator - " What to Pay Your Customer "

Platinum Purity 75% of
per DWT
95% .95 .713 .036 $32.40 $36.00 $39.60 $43.20
90% .90 .675 .034 $30.60 $34.00 $37.40 $40.80


Palladium Estimator - " What to Pay Your Customer "

Palladium Purity 75% of
per DWT
95% .95 .713 .036 $9.00 $10.80 $12.60 $14.40
90% .90 .675 .034 $8.50 $10.20 $11.90 $13.60


Sterling Silver Estimator - " What to Pay Your Customer"

Sterling Purity 60% of
92.5% .925 .555 $5.00 $5.55 $6.11 $6.66


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