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Torch Holder with Clamp for Jewelry Repair

Torch Holder Clamp
Your Price: $9.95
Item Number: 14.635
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Our unique torch holder features a two-way clamp and may be attached to bench top edge or the lip of a bench to hold various torches within easy reach. Clamp allows easy mobility so it can be put wherever most handy. All Stainless Steel.

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Kool Jool Jewelry Soldering Protector 8 oz. Jar
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Kool Jool Jewelry Soldering Protector 8 oz. Jar
Jewelers, you have finally found the perfect way to protect gemstones while solder or apply heat without removing them. Simply use Kool Jool solution to protect all jewels (except opals) from heat when soldering. And it easily rinses off in water.
Weighted Torch Stand
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Mesh Screen Replacement 6" x 6" (each)
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Mesh Screen Replacement 6" x 6" (each)
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