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Watch Back Opener V-Tech King Size Case Wrench Japan Made

Watch Back Opener
Your Price: $119.00
Item Number: 59.0798

This Japan made oversize watch back opener features double pins that are great for removing the various types of screw-on case backs that watchmakers or jewelers may encounter. This is a fine quality tool replacement for those who don't want to take the time to line up the three holes of a Jaxa or LG Wrench. The distance between the jaws is adjustable, allowing for an accurate fit on the watch case back. The jaws can be adjusted by using the center screws, and then locked in place by a locking screw. Opens to about 50mm distance from post to post. Includes two types of durable rectangular fittings for screw watch backs.

  • Double pins in a V-Tech jaw
  • All steel design is long lasting and durable
  • Perfect for opening screw-on watch cases
  • Jaw size is adjustable
  • Opens to a max diameter of 50mm
  • Made in Japan

How To Open A Watch
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