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Watch Band Tool Kit and Link Remover Set with Pins

Watch band tool kit
Watch band tool kit
Your Price: $29.95
Item Number: 64.1005

This is a new bracelet pin tool set. It includes all the tools needed to remove pins from stainless steel bracelets and watch bands, making adjusting the watch band incredibly easy. The tools included are a small mallet, two pin punches, and a bracelet holder. The large pin punches, which come in two sizes (.80mm and 1.00mm), are made of stainless steel and expertly balanced to provide optimal performance. The tips of the pin punches are both replaceable. Also included are a small assortment of stainless steel friction pins

  • Small mallet hammer has 2 faces, metal and nylon
  • Bracelet holding block with 8 slots for many bracelet widths
  • Two pin punches (.80mm and 1.00mm)
  • Great for adjusting name brand watch bands like Seiko, Citizen, and Fossil

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