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Watch Band Clasp

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The watch clasp is one of the most important aspects of a watch band.  It keeps the band securely attached to your wrist, and allows you to easily remove the watch band and slide it over your hand.  Without a watch band clasp it would be impossible for you to wear your watch so that it fits comfortably on your wrist and can still slide over your hand.  Here we have a variety of articles to help you adjust security catches on your clasps or change and replace them to keep your watch band working for years.

Just like any other watch part, the clasp comes in a variety of styles, colors and looks to fit your personality and your watch band.  To learn how to identify what type of watch band you have currently, check out this guide:

watch clasp illustrations

Once you know what type of watch clasp you have you can find the right article to replace the clasp by checking out our six many categories of watch clasps: The Butterfly Buckle style, the Center Catch style, the Deployment style clasp, the Folding style buckles, the Sliding style clasps, and the traditional Leather Buckle style clasp.


To learn how to make small adjustments to a watch band clasp that is in good shape, check out our articles on How to Attach a Buckle Extender to lengthen your watch band to ensure that it will continue to fit comfortably or our article on How to Replace a Security Catch on a Fold Over Style Clasp to make your watch clasp a more secure contraption.


For more articles on watch band clasps, check out these links:

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