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Watch Band Replacement and Repair Guide

There are many reasons that a watch band might need to be replaced or repaired and a variety of options for repairing and replacing them. For example the reasons might be personal taste (a new watch band can give a watch an updated appearance and add a new style to a timepiece) or maybe your band is just beat up or broken (Sometimes watch bands in this condition can be repaired). Use this guide and the attached articles to learn the many different ways to repair, replace or adjust your watch bands.

There are many types of watch bands that might be designed to fit a specific watch styles, and depending on the type of watch, a band may have to be selected that is specifically designed to fit that model. Luckily for you, our selection of watch bands covers a wide spectrum of options when it is time to consider getting new band.


Measuring a Watch Band

measuring a watch bandThe most important thing to remember with watch bands is measurement. Whether you are adjusting, replacing or repairing a band in any watch you should always know what size it is, particularly when it comes to the width of the watch band. To ensure that you always have the most accurate measurement of your watch band, check out our articles on How to Measure a Watch Band.

When measuring the size of the band use a millimeter gauge to get the distance between the lugs on the watch case. This measurement can range from 6 millimeters to a whopping 28 or more millimeters wide. Other measurements and parts to identify might be the end piece which comes in curved end or straight end and the type of clasp.


Changing a Watch Band

changing a watch band
One of the most common questions we get is: "Can I change the style of my watchband?" And the answer is yes: you can put almost any style watch band on your watch as long as the band is the right width.

We have compiled an impressive collection of information on changing watch bands so whether you just want to replace your existing watch band with the same style, or you really want to completely switch styles, you'll have the information you need to get the job done right. To explore our information on How to Change a Watch Band, follow this link.


Adjusting the Size of a Watch Band

Did you know that most watch bands comes in just a few different sizes? It's true: if you need a watch band that is six inches long, chances are that the you'll have to get a watch band that is at least seven inches long. However, you can adjust any watch band to make it smaller, and some you can even adjust to make bigger as well. To learn all the tricks to adjusting your watch band visit the How to Adjust the Size of a Watch Band page.


Repairing a Watch Band

But you don't always have to replace your watch band: some problems you may encounter are just as easy to fix as they are to ignore. The longer you own your leather watch band, the more you'll start to notice it having problems and giving out in places.

There are two common problems with leather watch bands and quick and easy ways to fix them. Many watch bands, particularly those that have stitching, are often made of two pieces of leather that are glued together first. If they start to come apart, you can learn How to Repair a Leather Watch Band by Re-Gluing.

You also may come across a watch that is wearing or stretching out, but you can very easily fix it to make sure your watch continues to fit by punching a new hole in the watch band to hook the buckle through and make it fit again. This is also useful if you change the watch band clasp and the buckle won't fit through the existing hole. Learn How to Shorten a Leather Watch Band here.


Advice from a Watchmaker

As with everything, you will encounter all kinds of bands including many not described in our articles. Others include some with beads, some with stones, some held by an elastic band, some with O rings or magnetic. Whatever the material is and whatever the design is, there is always a way to size or fix it, but remember that if you don't feel comfortable doing anything you see here, seek out a professional to do the job. This is especially important for high end watches and watches made of gold or silver.


For more articles on Watch Repair, check out these links:

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Screwdriver Set Flat Head Straight Blade 9 pc in Rotating Stand 0.60mm to 3.00mm
Your Price: $53.95
Screwdriver Set Flat Head Straight Blade 9 pc in Rotating Stand 0.60mm to 3.00mm
Conveniently packaged in a rotating stand this set of screwdrivers will come in handy for many different uses like watch repair, small electronics, eyeglass repair, etc. The small size of the the screwdrivers lets you tighten or loosen small screws.
Jewelry and Watch Micrometer Digital Caliper 100mm 4" Jewelry Tool
Your Price: $32.88
Jewelry and Watch Micrometer Digital Caliper 100mm 4" Jewelry Tool
Electronic digital caliper jewelry tool. A caliper is a must have tool for any jewelry or watchmaker. Easily measure metals and gemstones, while creating or repairing jewelry or watches. Measure in inches or millimeters.
Watchmakers Hammer Head Length 3"
Your Price: $8.95
Watchmakers Hammer Head Length 3"
General use jewelry making and watch repair hammer. One end is flat and the other is chisel shaped for spreading rivet heads. Great tool for the jeweler and jewelry designer.
Watch Case Opener Knife
Watchmakers Swiss Watch Case Opener Knife 4"
Your Price: $22.95
Watchmakers Swiss Watch Case Opener Knife 4"
This Swiss watch case back opener knife has been designed for ultimate ease of use. This case back opener features a fixed blade for added leverage and a hard plastic handle for easy gripping making removing snap-on watch case backs a breeze.
Swiss Pin Punch Set of 3 for Watch Band Pins
Your Price: $17.90
Swiss Pin Punch Set of 3 for Watch Band Pins
This Swiss watch band pin punch kit is ideal for removing pins and good for riveting watch and jewelry items. Makes it easy for you to adjust watch bands.
Watch bracelet holder
SWISS Watch Bracelet Holder Black with Large Slots
Your Price: $17.95
SWISS Watch Bracelet Holder Black with Large Slots
Made of high-impact plastic, with wide slots throughout allows for almost any type of bracelet to be used. This is a great complement to any watch band pin removing tool, it holds the watch band or bracelet in place during the adjustment.
Cotter pin assortment
Watch Band Parts 1.00 mm Stainless Steel Cotter Pin Assortment (200 Pieces)
Your Price: $22.49
Watch Band Parts 1.00 mm Stainless Steel Cotter Pin Assortment (200 Pieces)
This stainless steel cotter pin assortment for metal watch band links is an essential watch cotter pin kit for watchmakers. These cotter pins make adjusting a metal watch band a breeze, watch band pins keep your metal watch band in working order.
Watch band pins and tubes
Watch Band Parts Tube and Pin Assortment (70 Pieces)
Your Price: $33.95
Watch Band Parts Tube and Pin Assortment (70 Pieces)
With this band pin and friction tube assortment watchmakers can repair a link on a watch band quickly & economically. These pins and tubes are made to fit some of the most popular watch styles today like Citizen, Seiko, Movado, and more.
Spring bar assortment
Watch Parts Stainless Steel Double Flange Watch Band Spring Bar Master Assortment
Your Price: $75.00
Watch Parts Stainless Steel Double Flange Watch Band Spring Bar Master Assortment
This is an awesome watch band spring bar assortment for watchmakers. With this 720 piece kit watchmakers can easily complete a watch band repair or replacement. These double flanged spring bars allow you to easily replace watch band clasps in watch bands.

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