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Information on Watch Crystals is your source for watch parts and crystals, and nothing detracts more from an elegant timepiece than a scratched crystal face. Watch crystals are a clear, protective covering for the face of the watch. Generally, the glass is made from three different materials. The first is plexiglass. It is an inexpensive, shatterproof and lightweight plastic. Ordinary glass can also be used for faces and is sometimes called mineral glass. Glass is more scratch resistant, but less shatterproof. Lastly, synthetic sapphire is the most expensive, but the most scratch resistant. The only way to tell the difference between glass and sapphire is by actually scratching the surface of the watch with a screwdriver or other metal. As different glass and synthetics are combined, stronger materials are being created to improve durability.

Some crystals come with anti-glare coatings to make it easier to read the face of the watch. There are numerous styles available from oval to concave. Rectangles and squares are common as well. Generally, the more expensive the watch, the more expensive it is to replace the glass. Esslinger & Co. carries a wide selection of replacement glass and restoration supplies. We also stock a quality watch repair kit that contains all the essential supplies for fixing any timepiece.

Watch Repair Kit

The multitude of timepieces on the market today makes it hard to fix a watch with just one tool. With watches being such a fashionable accessory for men and women today, it is important for a professional jeweler or horologist to have a variety of tools available to repair any problem. Whether you are replacing watch crystals or adjusting an intricate mechanism, the right tool will make the job easier. Esslinger & Co. offers a comprehensive selection of watch batteries, tools and accessories for any watch repair. Our store carries a vast tool inventory as well as the benches, shelves and aprons to organize them. Purchasing a tool kit saves money over buying each tool individually. The watch repair kit is just a small part of our extensive inventory. The kits are loaded with a variety of necessary tools to satisfy any horologist.

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