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Supplies for Every Watchmaker

Watch repairers are skilled artisans that choose the best quality products to tackle the restoration of broken timepieces. Esslinger & Co. carries the largest selection of mechanical watch movement supplies. Watches are considered one of the most delicate mechanical pieces. An experienced watchmaker with professional training is the only reliable source for repairs. Our store is committed to carrying everything for your repair needs from movements and crowns to gaskets and crystals. Experienced jewelers welcome our unlimited inventory and discount pricing for their business. Hobbyists and collectors will find our selection appealing for their entire repair and refurbishing needs.

Mechanical Watch Movement Components

Watch Movement Components

We can find an amazing piece of technological innovation in a watch. A mechanical watch movement is made up of five different components to keep accurate time.

  • Wind-up watches are powered by a spring.
  • An oscillating mass is needed to provide the time base.
  • Two or more hands tell time for the hour, minute and second count.
  • Gears are needed to connect the springs, hands and the ticking of the oscillating mass.
  • A numbered dial installed for reading the time.

The innovation of a tuning fork to keep better time and installing a battery to replace the wind-up mechanism are just a few of the improvements made in the last fifty years. Esslinger & Co. has extensive supplies and replacement components whether you have a simple watch repair or the most difficult repair requiring the latest innovations.

Unlimited Quality Supplies Online

Esslinger & Co. is a dependable supplier that makes your choices easy. Selecting the right product to repair a broken timepiece is invaluable to an experienced watchmaker. For 85 years, Esslinger & Co. has been committed to technical knowledge, superior products and great customer service when it comes to Jewelry supplying and watch parts. We want to be your one-stop shop for every supply need. Our competent sales staff is eager to answer your questions about our quality products.


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