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Watch Repair

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Watch Repair Guide

Have you ever wondered how watchmakers repair your watch? Do you want to Do-It-Yourself repair your own watch at home but don't know how? In these categories you will find up-to-date watch repair articles, video tutorials and how-to guides organized by the type of watch repair or part.  We have tried to be complete as possible for most minor, easy, or basic repairs to watches.  You will find guides on changing a watch battery, how to replace a watch band, and watch crystal replacement.


Caution: Use all of these guides with care - we are not responsible for any damage incurred while attempting watch repair. Watches can vary greatly from one type to another, and while we strive to provide with you with the most accurate and common ways to repair your watch we cannot cover every variation.  Please be patient and remember to use extreme care in working on your watch. 

If your watch is unlike any of the guides we provide or is either expensive or highly valued, we urge you to take it to a professional to be worked on.  You can find a professional and local watchmaker through the American Watchmakers and Clockmakers Institute.


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