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We provide the watch tools and supplies that watchmakers require, whether you are a professional watchmaker doing extensive mechanical and quartz watch diagnostics, a beginner watchmaker, or a watch repair student. In watch repair basics, most jobs will require you to open the watch back or remove the watch band which requires basic and essential watch tools like a watch case back opener that will open the watch back without damaging the watch or a watch band tool to adjust or replace watch bands. If you’re ready to dive into watch repair, consider a watch repair kit that includes a variety of tools for many common repairs. When you are looking for the right watch repair tools, look no farther because you can get it all with one stop shopping with Esslinger. And if you have questions, take a look at our learning center to see common watch repairs and the tools and process explained step by step.

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watch hand tools
Af Switzerland Quartz Watch Hand Fitting Inserter Tools Set of 3
Your Price: $44.95
Af Switzerland Quartz Watch Hand Fitting Inserter Tools Set of 3
Swiss made and recommended for quartz watch hand replacement and attaching. These fine watchmakers tools have two ends with Delrin that protect the watch face and dial from scratches or marring.
Speedi-Fit Case Filler
Speedi-Fit Watch Case Filler for Retrofitting Movements
Your Price: $43.95
Speedi-Fit Watch Case Filler for Retrofitting Movements
Two-part watch case filler paste for retrofitting quartz watch movements. Use this to fill voids in watch cases when retrofitting the movement.

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