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Double Automatic Watch Winder Deluxe Mahogany Wood

Automatic watch winder
Your Price: $159.95
Item Number: 75.197

These scientifically made watch winders look great for the store window, display, or for home use. The outer box is made of highly polished wood, with a dark lacquered finish. Features a durable polycarbonate see through cover, and a padded lining on the inside so you’ll never scratch your watch. Luxury leather cushions allows for large or regular size watches. If your not wearing your watch every day (or have more than one) these watch winders are the answer not only to having your watch ready to use, but for storing your watches and keeping them from dust, dirt, and scratching. The state-of-the-art motors have four options for winding watches using a single switch conveniently located under the lid. Best of all, the units can run on six “AA” batteries (not included) or an AC adapter (included). Your automatic watch need never run down again, so no winding or date changing on your timepieces are needed. Constructed from a natural mahogany wood casing with a durable polycarbonate see through cover, this winder has a distinctively luxury appearance.

  • Double automatic watch winder
  • Outer box is made of highly polished wood, with a lacquered red mahogany finish
  • AC and DC operation (6 "AA" batteries or 120-240V AC power adaptor included)
  • Window for easy viewing, with brass hardware and beige lining on the inside
  • Soft leather padded so you'll never scratch your watch
  • Motor has 4 options for winding watches with the switch under the cover
  • Footprint" size : 5" wide, 5.5" deep, 7" tall

Modes and program

Mode 0 The unit is off

Mode 1 Turns clockwise for 6 minutes and rests for 30 minutes, repeat

Mode 2 Turns counterclockwise for 6 minutes and rests for 30 minutes, repeat

Mode 3 Turns counterclockwise for 20 minutes and rests for 10 minutes then, turns clockwise for 20 minutes and rests for 10 minutes, repeats entire cycle

Mode 4 Turns clockwise for 10 minutes then turns counterclockwise for 10 minutes repeating for 3 hours then, rests for 9 hours, repeat entire cycle

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