Anti-Tarnish Poly Tabs 1 Inch Square for Electronics and Precious Metals

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A must have for any jewelry case or box! Chemically treated poly (polyethylene) plastic, protects metal from discoloration for approximately 6 months. These "poly" anti-tarnish tabs are the similar to the black "charcoal" type tabs, but the poly tabs are non-abrasive and do not emit any dust. The poly tabs are not quite as strong as the standard paper tabs, but last just as long. The poly tabs work as well as the paper tabs, they just don't cover as large of an area, so they are better suited for use in bags and packaging rather than cabinets and display cases where the paper tabs work better due to the larger air volume. When used in a sealed, air-tight container or bag, they will last from 12-24 months.  They protect silver, nickel, copper, bronze, brass, gold and pewter and other metals. These work great to protect jewelry, silverware, dinnerware, Instruments or many other metal items from tarnish. These are a must have for any home or jewelry store. Protect your investments. Use a 1" poly tab for up to 15-20 cubic inches.

What are Anti-Tarnish Tabs?

They're a special absorbent paper that incorporates 3M Tarni-Shield Technology. This technology is designed to inhibit tarnish or discoloration of metals in transit or storage. They protect jewelry, flatware, serving pieces, musical instruments, trophies and other items. They protect silver, nickel, copper, bronze, brass, tin, pewter and gold.


How do they work?

When exposed to surrounding airspace the activated sites immediately go to work scavenging corrosive agents such as hydrogen sulfide (main tarnish causing agent), sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide (a secondary pollutant of photochemical smog, also produced in combustion process), ozone, hydrogen, chloride and chlorine and organic carboxylic acid.

How long will these Tabs protect?

Length of time depends on permeability of the storage or shipping container and the pollution level of the surrounding atmosphere. These estimates may very based on location.

A. Loosely sealed container (Cardboard box)      6 months
B. Moderately tight seal (flap top bag)              12 months
C. Tightly Sealed (zip-lock bag)                        24 months

We store all of ours in 1 or 2 ziplock bags and squeeze all of the air out of the bag so they are virtually air tight. We get new stock in about every 1-2 months so they stay fresh.

Are they safe?

Yes, completely safe and non-toxic. They do not emit anything, and they leave no residue on the metals being protected.

Basic Instructions:
 Remove the Anti-Tarnish Tabs from container and place them near polished metal in an enclosed area. Use tabs in jewelry cases, storage bags or boxes, china cabinets, silverware chests, musical instrument cases or trophy cases. One tab protects 15-20 cubic inches of air space. Store unused strips in a sealed, airtight bag. 

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