AuRACLE AGT-1 Gold Tester Accessory Kit

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This is kit will supply everything you need for your Auracle AGT-1 Gold Tester. The kit includes an Auracle Test Pen, the AGT-1 comes with a pen but its always good to have a spare, it is good to store it in an airtight bag with the cap ALWAYS on when not in use to keep the pen from drying out. Gemoro rates these pens for up to 5,000 uses but we find this is slightly overrated compared to the average of our customers. Also in the kit is the A/C power adapter, this allows you to use the AGT-1 without batteries and guarantees full power to your unit at all times. Low batteries can cause problems with the tester so we recommend only using batteries when there isn't access to a power outlet. The a/c adaptor will not charge the tester, only provide power when plugged in. Lastly in the kit is the 14K Gold Plum Calibration piece, flattened for maximum surface area in contact with the test plate to ensure accurate tests every time.  This is used to calibrate your AGT-1, which is a very quick process but MUST be done with 14k Gold or your tester will not accurately display carat value. Don't rely on Jewelry labeled 14k, because more times then not it isn't exactly 14k, we have seen carat ratings off as much as 30%. These pieces, on average weigh between .2-.25 grams, measuring 3-4mm in diameter and are all large enough to properly calibrate the AGT-1. With gold prices at where they are today this small investment can guarantee you are paying the right amount when buying gold every time! Kit includes:

  • 1 x A/C Adapter w/ 110v (North America) or 220v (European Union) wall plug so you don't have to worry about your tester not getting enough power
  • 1 x Replacement Test Pen which is good for up to 5,000 tests, it's always worth it to have a back-up just in case!
  • 1 x 14k Gold plum calibration piece to make sure your tester is 100% accurate every time. Weighs .2-.25g and Measures 3-4mm in diameter

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