Double Watch Winder Automatic Watch Winder With LED Light

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The 4 mode programmable Bi-Directional double watch winder is designed for automatic or kinetic watches. With an attractive housing and LED light, his winder can be used as a winder, storing watches, or displaying your luxury watches and keeping them fully wound and charged when not in use, helping extend the life of your watch. If your not wearing your watch every day (or have more than one) these watch winders are the answer not only to having your watch ready to use, but for storing your watches and keeping them from dust, dirt, and scratching. The steady rotation keeps the watch wound and ready to wear. The removable watch holder is made of leather and is large enough to accommodate large watches as well as small. Constructed from a natural cherry wood casing with a durable polycarbonate see through cover, this winder has a distinctively luxury appearance.

  • Double watch winder
  • 2 LED lights brighten your luxury watches
  • Leatherette box with a soft feel
  • Great for displaying automatic watches
  • Separate controls for each watch (on off buttons)
  • Quite motor operation
  • Three button operation
  • Bi-directional winding
  • Four modes to control time interval and winding rotation (one button)
  • Size 9 x 6.25 x 4.25" inches (230 x 159 x 112mm)
  • AC powered Adaptor included 110 - 240V

Modes and TDP (Turns per day)

  • Mode A 1440 TPD
  • Mode B 1440 TPD
  • Mode C 5760 TPD
  • Mode D 2152 TPD

Mode A Rotate clockwise for 6 minutes , then stop for 30 minutes, repeat

Mode B Rotate counterclockwise for 6 minutes , then stop for 30 minutes, repeat

Mode C Rotate clockwise for 20 minutes , then stop for 10 minutes, then rotate counterclockwise for 20 minutes, then stop for 10 minutes, repeat

Mode D Rotate clockwise for 10 minutes, then counterclockwise for 10 minutes. It will repeat this cycle for 3 hours continously, and will stop for 9 hours - after 9 hours, it repeates the entire cycle

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