Flip Video Camera Lens Replacement Kit Ultra HD Glass Camcorder Deluxe

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This might sound familiar, you just bought an awesome new Flip Video Camera. Youve used it once or twice and then it drops, or is hit by something else and the lens ends up cracked. Then you call the manufacturer and realize they do not offer repair or parts! Dont despair, you can fix it yourself and have it working as good as new (as long as the mechanics are fine). This kit is designed to replace the lens (actually the dust cover) on the popular Flip Video camcorders (current models of the Flip Ultra and Flip Ultra HD) All tools necessary are included to replace the lens and to remove the old glass on Flip Video Cameras, including a 2 part epoxy intended for this type of materials. We include a spare lens in the kit at no extra charge! That way if you make a mistake installing the lens or it ends up breaking again you have a solution! An installation overview guide is included with every kit.

Included in the kit are the following items:

  • Glass lens cover (2 pieces) scratch resistant 20mm lens
  • Two part all purpose 5 minute epoxy
  • 4.5" Inch stainless steel non-magnetic tweezers
  • Comfort handle 4.5" inch knife to pry open cover
  • Lint-Free microfiber cleaning Cloth 7 x 6" inch
  • Mixing stick - watchmakers pith wood perfect to sharpen and apply glue
  • Complete instruction guide on removing the old glass and installing the new replacement lens

Because we felt strongly that you may need some other tools to get the job done right, we have made this kit from our popular selection of tools.

NOTE: Be aware that these camera's are not water or completely dust proof and watch for any signs that your lens has been damaged. Replacing the lens dust cover is not replacing the curved camera lens and there might be additional problems with your lens if you camera was hit hard in the lens area. Attempt any repair at your own risk - we are not responsible and take no liability to damage that you may do while attempting to repair your camera. Installing this replacement lens may void your manufacture warranty or extended product warranty. This product is not the replacement LCD lens.

(Notice: We strongly advise not to use Super Glue (aka Crazy Glue or CA Glue) on the Flip Lenses in the repair kit, these types of glue may leave a residue on the lens and are not completely clear when dry, they also can damage gaskets, plastic parts and some other components of the camera.)


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