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Jewelers saw frame with 2.5" tension screw
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  • Jewelers saw frame with 2.5" tension screw

Jewelers Saw Frame w/ Tension Screw 2.5" Economy Cutting Tool

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Product Description

2.5" Inch adjustable jewelry saw frame with wood handle for use with piercing, flat and spiral saw blades. Serrated clamps hold blades firmly. Constructed with a flat steel frame, hardwood handles and thumb screw locking devices. Will hold up to many years of use.

This jewelers saw frame can be used with spiral saw blades, straight saw blades, and wood working saw blades. The wing nut at the top of the frame allows the user to tighten the tension of the saw blade. Thumbscrews hold blades firmly in place making your cuts easier and faster. Constructed with flat spring steel, hardwood handle, reinforced thumbscrews to provide strength and firm tension. This saw frame can adjust to different blade lengths in seconds making easy replacement. The serrated clamps hold saw blades firmly with no movement to ensure straight cuts and making shape cutting easier than ever.

  • 2.5" Inch cutting depth
  • Adjustable frame fits many saw blades
  • Wing nut to adjust blade tension
  • Wood handle