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Lepsi Watch Scope Watch Analyzer

Your Price: $599.00

Product Description

The Lepsi Watch Scope can measure the performance of you mechanical watch in just seconds and with exceptional accuracy. The Watch Scope is a concentration of the highest technology and the smallest chronocomparator ever made. Watch Scope is an instrument that enables you to make a full check up of your mechanical watches, made up of an Android or iOS application and a watch stand with an integrated measuring system. After your device has been calibrated against the atomic clock, the Watch Scope is accurate to 0.1 second per day (s/d) when measuring your timepiece's accuracy rate. Watch Scope can take care of a full collection of watches and records measurements in its database. In that way, you can follow all timepieces over the years and detect when each should be serviced.

  • Measures the performance of your watch
  • Rate variation: -1000s/d to +1000s/d (+/- 0.1 sec/day)
  • Amplitude: 80° to 360° (+/- 1°)
  • Beat Error: 0 to 10 milliseconds (+/- 0.1 ms)
  • Lift angle: adjustable from 10° to 90°
  • Automatic vibration detection: 14,400 - 36,000 a/h
  • Compatible with iOS 8.2 and higher (iPhone, iPad, iPad touch), Android 4.4 and higher
  • Connects with a 3.5mm headphone jack, 4 poles (no separate AC supply)
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty

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