Plumb Solder for Jewelry Repair 14K Yellow Gold Extra Hard Flow Solder Sheet 1 dwt

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Hi-Karat Plumb solders contain the same karat amount as the items they are repairing. Cadmium free plumb solders are commonly used for torch soldering (acetylene, propane, natural gas, butane) during jewelry manufacturing, ring repair, ring re sizing, prong repair, and casting repair, and other repairs requiring two portions of metal to be welded together to create bond by using alloys. Jewelry repairs for high stress areas require plumb solder in order to create a stronger joint for the areas being joined together. Plumb solder is a slightly bigger investment compared to work solder due to it containing a higher karat amount of gold. Plumb solders will flow at higher temps then repair solder because of the higher gold amount in the solder. Plumb solder will provide your jewelry repair with a superior color match, where as using standard repair solder doesn't allow for a perfect color match.

  • 14K Yellow Gold Extra Hard Flow Plumb Solder
  • Flow Temperature 1540º F
  • Cadmium Free (To avoid any toxic fumes generated from melting cadmium)
  • Plumb solder commonly used for repairs needing a exact karat match
  • Sold as sheet solder, 1 dwt per piece

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