Professional Electronic Diamond and Gold Buying and Testing Kit with Auracle AGT-1 Plus Ultratester II and More

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With gold prices near all time highs, buying scrap gold and gold jewelry can be a very profitable addition to any business. Investing in the right tools for the job make testing safer, easier and more accurate. We designed this kit with ease of use in mind, so individuals can quickly learn the testing methods and businesses can easily train employees to accurately test using the tools in this kit. This kit will allow you to test any color and karat of gold and identify diamonds as well with electronic test methods that do not use any acids or other external solutions. The kit includes the Auracle AGT-1 Plus Deluxe Kit electronic gold tester which tests all colors and karats of gold in seconds, it is lightweight and portable if necessary and operates with batteries or an a/c adapter (sold separately). It is easily calibrated with the push of a button and is simple enough that anyone can use it. The kit also includes the Gemoro Ultratester II which is used to identify diamonds. This highly-accurate tester will test diamonds in seconds by just touching the tip of the tester to the gemstone in question. Unlike many similar testers the UltraTester 2 will also identify real diamonds from moissanite and white sapphires. These two electronic testers are the latest and greatest in gold and diamond testing technology and are investments that will quickly pay for themselves. We also include the necessary accessories that are needed for buying scrap gold, gold jewelry, etc. including the Gemoro PRO1601 1600 gram digital scale, the Gemoro Lite Loupe with 10x triplet lens and LED & UV lights, a Gemoro titanium locking tweezers, 3" x 5" zip lock bags (pkg of 100) and a 4" digital caliper with .01 x 100mm accuracy. With this kit you can bring a completely new aspect to your business for a small upfront cost and very small learning curve.

By purchasing this gold testing tool kit, you will save money over buying each tool individually.


  • Gemoro Auracle AGT-1 Plus Deluxe Kit Electronic Gold Tester (# 56.850)
  • Gemoro UltraTester II Diamond & Moissanite Tester (# 56.951)
  • Gemoro PRO1601 1600g Digital scale (# 50.976)
  • Gemoro Lite Loupe (gold) w/ 10x Triplet lens UV & LED Light (# 29.0685)
  • Gemoro Titanium Locking Tweezers with leather storage case (# 57.1584)
  • 3" x 5" Zip lock bags with text block for notes (# 61.13301)
  • 4" (100mm) Digital Caliper .01g x 100mm (# 35.185)

NOTE: A Small piece of 14k Yellow Gold Plum is Required to Prime the gold tester before each use! This can be found HERE.

For a complete description of the Auracle Agt-1 Plus Gold Tester info and specs click here

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