Rotary Tool Workshop with Flexible Handpiece Attachment

Temporarily Out of Stock

Perfect for home or workshop, this rotary tool outfit is a great value. Drill, polish, sand, grind and texture with over 85 accessories - all included. The motor has an RPM range of 10,000-32,000 and the speed is adjustable. Perhaps the most versatile component in the set is the flexible shaft with attached hand piece. The flex-shaft improves working range of motion and gives better control for detail tasks. There are 4 collets to fit the hand piece which hold different sizes of mini-mandrels; drills, brushes and polishing wheels. All contents fit comfortably in the carry case for easy transport.

  • 120v adjustable speed motor
  • 60Hz, 1.0A
  • 10,000-32,000 RPM
  • 36" inch flexible shaft/ hand piece
  • Over 85 accessories included for drilling, polishing, sanding, grinding and texturing
  • For better control use the included flex-shaft attachment with hand piece
  • All pieces fit in convenient carrying case