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Watch Crystal Glue Clear Ultraviolet Adhesives UV 2 mL with Precision Applicator Tip

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Product Description

The adhesive bonds well to crystals, glass, and even bonds glass to metal when it is exposed to daylight or an ultraviolet lamp. This is the thicker viscosity version of this UV glue making it easier to apply limited areas without running and giving you more control of putting glue only where you want it. It comes with a fine tip that make precision applications a breeze and making bezel application simpler, faster and more efficient. One really great thing about this adhesive is that only the adhesive in the repair will cure and set up, allowing you to easily wipe the excess outside of the repair away. This high quality adhesive dries clear, and will not yellow with time and age.

  • Sets up when exposed to Sunlight or under an ultra-violet lamp
  • Drying time is 2 minutes
  • Has a fine 25awg tip for precise application
  • Only cures in the repair area
  • Excess adhesive wipes away easily
  • Non-yellowing
  • Contains .07 fluid ounces (2 mL)
  • Contains methacrylate oster and crylic acid
  • 25 gauge (red) needle size: ID - 0.010" / 0.25mm | OD - 0.020" / 0.51mm
  • Product size 3.7" X 1.02" X 0.7" Inches (94 X 26 X 17mm)

WARNING: May cause allergic skin reaction. Eye, skin and respiratory irritant. Use in a well ventilated area.


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