Wes-Gem Plastic Ring Guards Assortment - 108pc

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Learn How To Use Our "Plastic Ring Guards"

This assortment contains 108 pieces, 3 each of all 36 sizes. Assortment comes in a easy to use labeled plastic container. Made in the USA.

Wes Gem Plastic Ring Guards are convenient and economical to use. Inexpensive plastic ring guards are used for a temporary solution on rings that will soon be permanently sized. No tools required, just snap fit the guard to the ring making your ring fit tighter instantly. Plastic material prevents your ring from getting scratched. Each ring guard is stamped with a reference of the mm size and its capability of the amount it will size down to.

Low: Sizes down to 1 finger size
Medium: Sizes down up to 2 ½ finger sizes.
High: Sizes down up to 4 finger sizes. 


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