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1-Step Watch and Jewelry Appraisal Software

Watch and Jewelry Appraisal Software
Watch and Jewelry Appraisal SoftwareWatch and Jewelry Appraising Software
Your Price: $99.95
Item Number: 61.169


1-Step Appraisals (New! Version 5) makes it easy to create professional appraisals for jewelry, watches, collectibles and more. Designed for non-techy users, 1-Step Appraisals manages customer information and their personal property details in a simple one-screen interface. The integrated Address Book prints labels for mailings and you can even Mail Merge your contact information with MS Word for form letters or ad mailings. To create a new appraisal simply click “New” on the toolbar, select the customer name from the Address Book and all of the customer information is copied to the appraisal. You can add as many items as you like to each appraisal, including digital images (direct from your camera or scanner) and print or email the finished appraisal directly to the customer. You can also print or email an invoice for your services so you can include your bill with the appraisal with virtually no extra effort. 1-Step Appraisals is built on the latest Microsoft technology and will install and run on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 system that meets the basic system requirements (4GB RAM [4GB Recommended] and 10MB Hard Drive Space). Software is delivered via download.

Additional features include:

  • Integrated Report Designer that lets you build an unlimited number of new reports.  All reports are automatically placed on the ‘Print’ menu for easy access. 
  • Basic reports are included; you can change format (text/line colors) for all reports by simply choosing a new Profile.
  • Add your business information in one place, including logos, addresses, phone numbers etc., and they’ll automatically print on the Appraisal and Invoice reports.
  • Integrated full text search lets you find data easily.
  • Basic charts (bar and pie charts) can be saved as image files or printed.
  • Support for unlimited file attachments.  You can edit files and reattach them with a single button click.
  • Multiple database support... no limits on the number of databases you can create.
  • Email integration with Microsoft Outlook (Windows Desktop Versions 2000 or above).  Just double-click an email address to create a new message.
  • Import, Export, Backup, Compact and Repair Database utilities
  • Users can customize page and grid colors, form formats and startup options.
  • Features include a standard Calculator, a metric/standard Measurement Converter, a Loan Calculator, an Image Converter, a desktop image Clipper and a Label Maker.
  • Print labels from any page, batch print reports, save reports as PDFs or graphics file types
  • FREE user guides online. 

After we have processed your payment you will get an "auto-reply" message from 1-Step Software and your order will be processed within 24 hours. Next, you will be emailed a direct link to download the software (2.7MB size) to your computer and with only a few clicks, your new software will be ready and working.

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