Watch Hands


Whether you have a mechanical or quartz watch, outside of the watch movement that keeps the watch ticking, the watch hands are probably the most important part of a watch. They allow you to be able to tell what time it is and, without them, the watch movement would be useless. However, over time your watch hands can wear out, bend, or even break. Lucky for you, Esslinger has everything you need to replace your watch hands and get your watch running again, as good as new. Whether you need a second hand, hour hand, minute hand, or a sweep second hand, no matter what style of hands your watch uses, we have just the replacement watch hands for you. When ordering watch hands, you should measure the length of your current hands from the center of the hole to the tip, and be sure to specify the color and style (dauphine, stick, Mercedes, divers, etc.) of your current hands.

                                       Watch Hand Charts - Not Sure Which Watch Hands You Need? 
            Visit our charts below and use the watch hand measurements to find the correct part number.

Click Here for Our Watch Hand Pairs Chart Click Here for Our Sweep and Small Sub Second Hands Chart