Watch Crowns


Watch crowns are a necessary, and very important, part of a watch. The most common functions of a watch crown are to allow you to change the time, to change the date, to wind the watch, and to stop the watch (to extend the battery life). There are many types of watch crowns that you can get to replace your watch crown and they have a variety of different features. For example: if you own a chronograph watch, the watch crown can also be used to run the stopwatch, set the moon phase, and many more operations.

Even though watch crowns are built to withstand tough conditions, they are not unbreakable. Watch crowns can be worn down and even break from knocks against hard surfaces, since they are somewhat exposed on the watch case. Because of this, watch crown repairs are a fairly common watch repair. These watch crowns can be made of a variety of materials and can be given a variety of finishes like gold and silver: Check out our multitude of watch crown styles from pocket watch crowns to regular dustproof watch crowns that will fit your brand name watches.

Not Sure Which Watch Crown You Need? 
Use the charts below to determine the correct part number based on the crowns tap/measurements

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