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To request watch parts pricing and availability, please fill out the form below. We will contact you within 10-14 business days via email.  Please fill out as much information as possible to help us get you the correct parts - by providing MORE information, we are able to more quickly process your request. As this is a complimentary service, we appreciate your patience as we work through these requests.

If you are not sure what a specific part on your watch is called, click to view a diagram of watch parts and common watch components. If you have not already, you can browse through our watch parts online, and learn more about types of repairs that can be made on watches in our learning center. For a list of common watch brands and where to locate the case numbers, see our Case Number Guide.

Those who contact us for watch parts are expected to know watch repair, common terms, supply case numbers, and caliber numbers (professional watchmakers and students only). For beginners, we have setup a learning center to help provide you with basic watchmaking information and common repairs. You may purchase any watch parts or products on our site, but we are unable to instruct you on repairs. We do not accept samples to match or provide parts identification. If you are looking for a watchmaker to repair your watch or more information about watchmaking, contact the American Watchmakers and Clockmakers Institute.