Watch Batteries


At Esslinger, you can be rest assured that you will always get fresh watch batteries at wholesale prices. Almost anyone can change a watch battery cell as long as they have the right tools and some basic instructions. Your watch cells should last for more than a year in an average wrist watch. We carry a number of battery types including: lithium, alkaline, rechargeable, solar capacitors, 12v, 6v, 3v, and other replacement watch cells in the following name brands: Energizer, Sony, Eveready, Casio, and Renata.

If you plan on changing watch batteries regularly, we suggest you start with a watch battery replacement kit that includes many different battery sizes to match most popular watch brands, or a watch repair tool kit that has the tools needed to open the case back and handle most jobs. We have several different such kits to help you get your watch battery replacement business on its feet. 

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