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Sparex Pickling Compound 2.5lb Bag

Sparex pickling compound
Your Price: $9.50
Item Number: 45.127

this product is made in the usa

When it comes time to clean and pickle the jewelry you’ve been working on, the Sparex pickling compound is just what you need. It is easy to use, and a safe replacement for dangerous sulfuric acid because it is just as effective at cleaning and pickling metals. Sparex can be used for removing surface oxidation, firescale and pickling gold, silver and copper based alloys. Use this product after soldering, heating, or casting jewelry made from silver, gold, and copper to remove scaling and oxidation.

  • Used to clean and remove scaling and oxidation after repair work
  • Heat compound for fastest results
  • Comes in a dry, granular acid compound
  • Produces smooth, clean, bright surfaces quickly and economically, without destroying fine detail or tolerances
  • Minimizes over-pickling, pitting, burning or wire-brushing
  • 2 1/2 lb bag
  • Makes 1 gallon of solution
  • Mix 1 bag with 7 parts water
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-explosive
  • Not for use with steel
  • Product size 8.6" X 4.3" X 2.5" Inches (219 X 108 X 63mm)
  • Contains sodium bisulfate
  • Read the directions on bag
  • Made in USA

Warning: Poison causes burns. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. Do not inhale dust. harmful if swallowed.

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