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Micro Crimper Pliers 5" Jewelry Tool

Your Price: $12.95
Item Number: 46.0586

A revolutionary low cost hand tool.  Squeeze tubes and beads into smoothly rounded crimps without the sharp, unattractive edges traditional pliers can cause. It banishes forever the unsightly sharp-edged crimp formed by conventional methods. If desired, the finished crimp can be hidden in a clam-type bead tip or slipped into a large-hole bead. Works equally well with either round or tube crimps. Each pliers comes with complete instructions.

 Protected by patents: D356,520;5,426,843; DES. 366,199.

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Sterling mini tube crimps
Mini Tube Crimps Sterling Silver 1.1 x 1.5 mm Pkg 100
Your Price: $7.50
Mini Tube Crimps Sterling Silver 1.1  x 1.5 mm Pkg 100
Sterling silver crimp tube beads are for securing beads, pearls or gemstones on wire, cord, etc. Simply thread the crimp tube onto the desired stringing material, then using pliers or crimp pliers, squeeze the tube closed. Will securely hold.
Crimp bead covers
Crimp Bead Covers Sterling Silver 3.2mm Pkg 50
Your Price: $8.85
Crimp Bead Covers Sterling Silver 3.2mm Pkg 50
Use crimp bead covers by simply placing over crimp beads and gently squeeze shut. They go over the flattened crimp bead to cover them up. The covers look nice and give your jewelry a more finished look. Use on bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more.

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