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7" Inch Round Sandbag Leather Pad for Block and Anvil Pounding

Round Leather Padded Sandbag
Your Price: $19.00
Item Number: 25.485

This sandbag can be used with or without a bench block; great for stamping, chasing, and forming. The leather is slip resistant and helps deaden the blow and sound when striking a piece. Also used by lampworkers, beaders, jewelers, and silversmiths as an arm rest. This round stitched leather pouch is filled with sand to absorb the energy, noise, and vibration caused by hammering on a bench block or anvil to flatten wire or chase metal. It is a must for metal jewelry makers, wire workers, and metal clay artist who shape metal and wire.

  • Product size 7" Inches inches round (1.5" Inches thick)
  • Leather with heavy stitching

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