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Watch Tool 8 in 1 Watch Movement Holder

Watch Movement Holder
Watch Movement HolderWatch Movement HolderWatch Movement Holder
Your Price: $7.95
Item Number: 59.241

This reversible holder will take all shapes and sizes of watch movements up to 13-ligne. It is made of brass with a nickel finish. It is a great tool to have around while you are repairing watches because it will easily hold watch cases and watch movements, as well as work materials and watch repair tools while you are working on the watch itself. It is spring operated to grip your watch case or watch parts gently but firmly.

  • Great for watch repair, holding watch cases, work materials and tools
  • They are spring operated
  • Each has a maximum capacity of 1" (26 mm)
  • Product size 1.8" X 1.2" X 1" Inches (45 X 30 X 24mm)


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Watch movement holder
Bergeon 4039 Reversible Watch Movement Holder
Your Price: $22.50
Bergeon 4039 Reversible Watch Movement Holder
You are repairing a watch movement, where do you put the movement so you can work on it? In this Bergeon Swiss watch movement holder for normal watch movements. A must have watch making tool, this movement holder is reversible increasing its versatility.

Product Reviews

(7 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
average hobbiest, good at tech
ALLEN EBERTS (Geneva, IL) 10/31/2014 5:06 PM
Nice piece. lack of smooth finish due to what is call "flattening die". Brass better than aluminum. Action good, size good. Holds movement well.Price is right.
the dude
Carlyle Hawkyard (Orlando, FL) 10/18/2012 12:52 PM
I just really dont like the overall quality of this holder. The surface is grainy like sandpaper and not very precision. Don't waste the cash on this cheapo, get a quality holder.

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