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Accucell 1.35v Batteries to fit Bulova Acutron with Grommet and Tab

1.35V Batteries
Your Price: $7.50
Item Number: 09218

The Accucell Power Cell is a 1.5v low drain silver oxide battery with a special circuit that outputs the proper 1.35 voltage to work in the most popular Accutron movements. The cell assembly is set in a space ring to fit the deeper battery wells, and the tab is soldered on to ensure that the battery doesn’t run too fast.

  • Fits Bulova Acutron tuning fork movements: 214, 218, 224, and 2300 series
  • Modified 395 battery replaces discontinued mercury batteries
  • 1.5v batteries that run at 1.35v
  • Low drain silver oxide batteries
  • Fit deeper and larger battery wells
  • Won’t give you a normal reading on watch battery testers


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