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Watch Crystal Protector Sheets Assortment

Crystal protector sheets
Your Price: $9.99
Item Number: 75.010

These crystal protector sheets are a great way for watchmakers and jewelers to protect their customers’ watches during service and repair. Use these clear, self-adhesive sheets to shield the watch crystal from scratching and marring. Just apply the sheet directly to the watch crystal to avoid scratches when replacing cells. This assortment is also great for jewelers, watchmakers and the hobbyist who want to protect their watches while on display from dust and dirt. It also protects the watch from wear and tear when customers are trying them on or when the watch is not in use. This 116 pc kit contains the following sizes:

20 pc - 34.0mm
24 pc - 28.0mm
24 pc - 25.0mm
48 pc - 18.0mm

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Watch protector sheets
Watch Crystal Protector Sheets 20 mm
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Watch Crystal Protector Sheets 20 mm
These watch crystal protector sheets are great for watchmakers to have around their work bench because they will protect the watch crystal from marring and scratching during any type of watch repair or service. These sheets are 20 mm.

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