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Bead Cord Shear Jewelry Pliers

Bead Cord Pliers
Bead Cord PliersBead Cord Pliers
Your Price: $5.95
Item Number: 46.570
Bead Cord Shear -

A cord cutter shaped perfectly to cut close in all beading situations. Made of tempered steel, this tool cuts flush, and if used properly, will last for years. Our cutter features a return spring and cushion grips. Not intended for anything but cord and the very softest of wire. Overall length of 5-1/4".


Designed for cutting softer cords, such as ColourCraft wire, Beadalon 49, Beadalon 19, Beadalon 7, SuppleMax, Binding Wire, Elasticity, Stretch Magic, Beadalon Bead Cord, etc. Angled blades shear line without fraying and leave a smooth, clean edge. Not recommended for cutting hard wires such as memory wire or other spring tempered material.


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Mini Tube Bead Crimps Sterling Silver 1.1 x 1.8 mm Pkg 100
Sterling silver crimp tube beads are for securing beads, pearls or gemstones on wire, cord, etc. Simply thread the crimp tube onto the desired stringing material, then using pliers or crimp pliers, squeeze the tube closed. Will securely hold.
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Soft Flex Bead Wire Clear .014 Diameter 100 Ft. Spool
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