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Bead Holding Wood Tweezers 7" Hand Vise Fits All Sizes of Beads and Gemstones

Your Price: $5.99
Item Number: 57.9000

This 7" long wooden bead holding tweezers is great help in handling round beads without damaging the bead or its finish. Nicely rounded ends on a sturdy nickel tweezers will make handling almost any size bead an easier task. This wooden "hand vise" will not scratch delicate beads but holds them in securely in place while cleaning or reaming holes. A very handy tool for bead stringers who don't like putting there delicate beads in metal vises and drilling holes or using a bead reamer. The tool features 3 cylinder holes of various sizes and 3 round seats of various sizes in the end of the tweezers allowing you to hold virtually any size bead or gemstone.

  • Wooden bead holding tweezers and hand vise for cleaning, reaming and drilling beads
  • Great for bead stringers, beaders and jewelry makers
  • Will not damage, mar or scratch delicate beads or gemstones
  • Features 3 different size bead holes and 3 different sized bead seats
  • The 3 cylinder bead holding holes are 2.5, 8 and 11mm in diameter and 15mm wide (9/16" inches)
  • The 3 round bead holding seats are 3.5, 5 and 9mm in diameter and approximately
  • Tweezers dimensions are 7" x 1" x 9/16" inches

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