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Watch Tool Watch Movement Holder

Movement Holder
Movement HolderMovment Holder
Your Price: $8.95
Item Number: 59.0305

This tool is a must have for every watchmaker. It is a watch movement holder that was made to clamp onto the edge of your bench and hold the watch movement steady while you work on it. It is great when working with watch cases, movements, or repairing small items. The movement holder is adjustable and will fit on most benches, bench size adjustment 1 1/8" (27 mm) and its jaws open 1 1/2" (38 mm) to hold a wide range of watch movements.

  • Has adjustable jaws and hold watch movements up to 38 mm in diameter
  • Has adjustable grips to fit work benches up to 27 mm wide
  • Holds watch movements, watch cases, and other small pieces steady while you work on them
  • Product size 4.4" X 2.8" X 1.3" Inches (112 X 70 X 34mm)

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