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Foredom Rotating Bur / Drill and Tool Holder 3/32" only

Bur and drill tool holder
Bur and drill tool holder114 - 3/32" burs
Your Price: $16.50
Item Number: 19.924

Rotating bur and jewelry tool holder, stores and organizes your tools.  Holds 114 - 3/32" burs. If you are looking for a similar holder that will hold various size (diameter) burs/drills see item # 19.922. This features I high-quality metal rotating base.

  • Measures 7" wide X 4" high Inches
  • Has a deep center cup (2-3/4" wide) to hold small tools such as files, scribes, screwdrivers, etc
  • Holds 114 - 3/32" burs
  • Made by Foredom

***Note: Burs not included***

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