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Rechargeable Watch Cell Capacitors

Watch cell capacitors
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These genuine rechargeable watch battery capacitors are made to work with solar rechargeable batteries. These capacitors can be used with the solar batteries in Citizen Miyota watch movements making them very handy when working on watches with solar batteries. Each capacitor is made to be specific to the movement number, so make sure you know the movement number when you go to select the capacitor you need from the drop down menu above. How do you know when you need to get a new battery for a rechargeable watch? If the watch’s second or minute hand is running irregularly, or even completely stopped and recharging doesn’t return the watch to it’s regular working form, you will most likely need a new rechargeable watch battery.

**Note** From the time a rechargeable watch is completely stopped, depending on how you charge it, it will take anywhere from 7 hours to 360 hours to charge. The watch will charge fastest outside on a sunny day, and take the longest to charge in a regular office building. Your watch is always charging, as long as it is exposed to light, so it will very rarely need a complete charging.


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Capacitor# Caliber #
295-29 0850, 0855, 0870, 0875,
295-33 8511, 8512, 8515, 8625, 8626, 8628, 8629, 8651, 8730
295-34 7820, 7870, 7872, 7875, 7877
295-41 A310, A315
295-44 A160, A270, C690
295-51 B110, B117, E000, E001, E010, E011, E030, E031, E068, E100, E101, E110, E111, E168, E410, G430, G431, G530, H500, H501, H504, H570, H571
295-55 A114, A119, A134, A139, A234, A239, E930, F810, F910
295-56 7821, 7828, 7871, 7873, 7876, 7878, 7879, A710, A715, A730, A735, A780, A784, A786, B510, B515, B560, B740, B741, B745, B800, B810, B870, B872, B873, B876, B877, B910, C650, C651, C652, C660, E510, E511, E676, E710, E711, E712, E715, E716, E717, E760, E760N, E761, E761N, E765, E766, E768, E810, E811, E812, E816, E817, E860, E865, E870, H410, H411, H412, H414, H415, H416, H417, H419, H430, H434, H435, H437, H438, H460, H461, H465, H466, H485, H486, H490, H492, H495, H496
295-57 7810
295-60 B232, B236, B237
295-63 B230, B234, B235
295-66 G820, G870
295-67 G620, G670, G671, J620
295-69 E600, E610, E670, G900
295-76 B020, B023, B035, B036, H335, H360, H380
295-758 E310

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