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Compass 40mm pkg of 3

Your Price: $5.88
Item Number: 26.723


This practical compass can be used to detect the presence of magnetic fields in watches, instruments, and other components. It features a red arrow pointer which indicates the 'magnetic north' direction. The dial is clearly marked with the north, south, east and west points in a high visibility green with a black background. Points in between are also marked including NE, SE, SW and NW in white for easy differentiation, as well as the full 360° range markers on the outside of the dial which are indicated in white as well. This set of compasses provide accurate pole direction and magnetic indication for a variety of tasks, protected in a strong plastic case. These work well with our magnetizers and demagnetizers (sold separately). Sold in packages of 3.

  • 3 pack of easy to read compasses indicate direction in north/south markers and degrees
  • Compass diameter measures 40mm with a height of 10mm
  • Compass is enclosed in a hard plastic case
  • Degree indication is marked in increments of 5°
  • Sold in packages of 3

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