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Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaning Kit

Jewelry cleaning kit
Your Price: $5.89
Item Number: 23.01894
Product Can Only Ship Ground Within The Contiguous United States

Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaning Kit

Delicate Jewelry Cleaner; Bring new dazzling brilliance to diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, opal, coral, onyx, turquoise, and pearls as well as gold, all purpose jewelry cleaning kidsilver, and platinum. Connoisseurs All-Purpose Jewelry Cleaning Kit is a great gift item and will last for months and clean many kinds of jewelry like necklaces, earnings, rings, and pendants. Place one piece of jewelry in a dip tray at a time. Dip for up to 30 seconds. Brush and rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water. Dry with a lint-free cloth. Contains no harmful dyes, fragrances or detergents.

Gold and Silver Polishing Cloths; You can polish and buff gold and platinum jewelry surfaces with the Gold Jewelry Polishing Cloth. Or, you can remove tarnish and restore the shine to your sterling silver, titanium and stainless steel surfaces with the Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloth (Also ideal for two-tone jewelry) Gently rub jewelry with lighter color UltraSoft inner cloth to remove dirt and tarnish. Then, use the darker color UltraSoft outer cloth to buff and polish to a dazzling luster.

Kit includes:

  • 8oz. jar of Revitalizing Delicate Jewelry Cleaner
  • Dip tray and brush
  • Two polishing cloths - 1 Platinum and Gold, 1 Silver and Two-Tone Jewelry
  • Self contained in red Gift Box

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