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Gentec Small Oxy/Acetylene Torch Basic Kit for Jewelry Repair

Gentec-Small Torch Basic Kit
Your Price: $129.00
Item Number: 14.0324
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Basic kit contains The Small Torch handle, five tips, and 12' oxygen and fuel hoses with “B” fittings (9/16”) and “A” fittings (3/8”) adapter. For Oxy/Acetylene (Tips #2,3,4,5,6)

Lightweight and extremely portable, this complete outfit is ideal for soldering, brazing and small welding tasks common to jewelry and home repair. Acetylene and propylene can also be used.

  • Works with standard 1lb disposable propane and MAAP® cylinders (not included) as well as acetylene and propylene
  • Convenient enough for hobbyists or professional jeweler
  • Braze or solder materials up to 1/8''
  • Easy to use in tight spaces
  • Durable and flexible hoses

** Tip #2 is for use with oxygen/acetylene only.
** All components carry a 2- year limited warranty.

** Fuel sold separately

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Product Reviews

(3 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
Gentec Torch Kit
Thomas Goddard (Providence, RI) 7/30/2012 1:56 PM
While the product itself works very well, the hoses seem very fragile and the rubber hose ties and glue holding them to the hoses seem an afterthought at best; really a dumb solution to holding the hoses together. Moreover, the packaging is terrible requiring much time to carefully separate the plastic packaging coating from the tool. The rubber hose ties and glue were fully adhered to the plastic packaging requiring me to cut them off with the glue holding them to the hose. Some of the braided outer covering of the hoses was damaged in this process and now, of course, the hoses are not tied together as they should be. Whoever designed (?) this packaging should be sentenced to a lifetime of removing it from these products for customers.
Beats the Smith Little Torch Set-Ups For Value
R.E. Rourke ( New Orleans, LA) 9/9/2010 5:26 PM
Of all the fuel oxygen torches available the Gentec's solid brass bodies and tips that are included in this package make this the better product compared to the Smith Little Torches. These are relatively new to the market but outperform in all the tests I have done on my own and with students - some who have used Smith torches their entire careers. In 9 out of 10 students , each preferred the Gentec over the Smith for reasons ranging from longer included hoses ( 6-10 feet depending on the package's configuration and where purchased) to easier adjustment knobs ( they are virtually identical to Smith's ).It basically boils down to money/cost and construction and the Gentec is the clear winner all around no matter if you are going to use Propane , MAPP or Acetylene and O2 or disposable tanks vs. your own refillable tanks: Gentec is a better value for a lesser amount of money with superior construction- though their reputation is still developing!

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