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Genuine Seiko Replacement Watch Stems

Seiko watch stems
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These genuine Seiko replacement watch stems are a must have for any watchmaker. A definite life saver, these watch stems are sold individually and come in the most common sizes of today so you will always have the right size stem on hand. Perfect for times when the current watch stem has been discontinued, cut too short, or broken off inside the movement. Simply select the movement of the watch that needs a stem from the drop down menu above.


Part # Tap Caliber #:
351155 13 VC11, VC10, 4N00, 4N01, 4N20, 4N21, 4N70, 4N71
351164 11 VC10, VC11, 
351173 10 VC10, VC11, 
351177 10 AL32, AL82, VD53, VD57, VD58, VD76, VD78, VD85, VX12, VX12-6, VX19, VX3TE, VX32, VX33, VX42, VX43, VX82, VX83, V782, V782-6, 6G28, 6T63
351178 10 VD54, VD55, VD56, VX50, VX51
351200 10 NH35, 6R15
351205 13 2E20, 
351207 13 VB20, 2E50, 2E70V
351208 11 VB20, 2E50, 2E70, V220
351291 13 VE01, 
351292 10 VE01, 
351332 10 VJ12, VJ22, VJ23, VJ24, VJ32, VJ33, VJ34, VJ21
351546 13 N894 , V892, V893, V896, V899, V894, 3E23, 3E22, 3E29, 3E32, 3E39, 3L12, 3L14, 3L19, 3Y02, 3Y03, 3Y09, 4K22, 4K24, 4K25, 4K26, 4K34, 5H22, 5H23, 5L14, 5L15, 5P22, 5P23, 5P29A, 5P30, 5P31A,5P32, 5P39, 5Y23, 6F25, 6F26
351550 11 3M22, 3M62
351580 10 YM92, 7T32
351581 10 YM55, YM57
351651 11 5M43, 5M62, 5M63, YM62, YT57, YT58
351653 11 5M42
351670 11 ***No Longer Available*** 5G23, 5H22, 5H23, 5L10, 5L14, 5L15, 5P22, 5P29S, 5P30, 5P31S, 5P32, 5P39, 5Y22, 5Y23, 5Y29, 5Y309, 5Y31, 5Y30, 5Y32, 5Y37, 5Y39, 6F22, 6F24, 6F25, 6F29, 7F18, 7F22, 7F24, 7F26, 7F27, 7F32, 7F38, 7F39, 7F68, 769, 7M22, 7M42 
351702 10 V536, V539, V532, V533, V535, V537, V544, VP32, VP33, VP35, VP36, VP39, VP44 
351784 11 V515(old) 
351788 10 YR67
351795 10 .YR37(Time)
351796 10 YR37(Alarm)
351807 13 VX00 , VX01, VX10, YL60, YL61, IF20, IF21, IN00, IN01, Y150
351819 10 VS10
351880 11 VD54, VD55, VD56 , V701, H801
351892 11 AL82, V722, V729, V732, V733, V744, VD53, V782, V782-6, V783, VD58, VD85, VT83, VX42, VX82, VX83 , VX89, 7N33, 7N35, 7N29, 7N42, 7N43, 7N89, V145, V739
351931 13 YL50
354118 11 VA41
354119 10 VA41
354122 10 PC21
354126 11 V829
354128 10 PC22 , PC23, PC29, PC32, PC33, V827
354130 10 PC11
354194 10  *** Replaced by 354300***  PC39 
354365 11 V810, V811
354530 11 V121, V122, V321, V322, V329, V333, V336, V337 , V338, V339, V33, V342, V347, VX18, VX22, VX29, VX32, VX33, VX35, VX38, VX348, H5910, H6810, J0810, J0910, V348, VX36
354531 10 VX3, VX35, VX38
354765 10 V108, V102, Y100, Y101, Y102, Y106, Y107 , Y112, Y113, Y114, V103, 5Y00, 5Y01, 5Y02, 5Y13, 6530, 6531, 6532, 6533, 6539, 8122, 8123, Y114
354786 11 AL35, V515(new)
354902 11 Y580, Y588 
354930 13 1E20, 1E50, 1E70

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