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Hattori Japan Watch Movement V657 Quartz Movements

Your Price: $46.95
Item Number: V657

Watch movements are arguably the most important part of a watch: as the heart and brains of our timekeeping devices, you need to have a movement if you want your watch to work. Quartz watch movements are the new style of movement, they are built to last and come ready to install. These Hattori Japanese movements are Japanese assembled and are made to fit Seiko, Lorus, and Pulsar watch cases.

**Note** Click on the image above to see more images of the movement. In these images we have conveniently marked where the dial feet are and where the movement number is.

  • Sold individually
  • Outside Diameter: 12 3/4 Ligne or 29.5 mm
  • Movement 3.70 mm thick
  • Requires watch cell 371
  • Requires watch hands: hour 1.10, minute .65, and sweep second .20 mm
  • Has a white with black date dial at 3:00
  • Chrono minute hand
  • Chrono second hand
  • Chrono 1/10 second
  • Has NO jewels
  • Supplied with stem: 351892, Tap 10
  • The following stem is available but must be ordered separately: 351177, Tap 10
  • Includes watch stem and temporary plastic watch crown
  • Hattori Japan quartz movement
  • Japanese assembled

How To Change A Watch Movement
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How To Replace A Watch Movement

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