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Horotec "Snappy" opener for opening snap-on watch cases
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  • Horotec "Snappy" opener for opening snap-on watch cases

Horotec "Snappy" Opener for Snap-on Watch Casebacks

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Product Description

This unique Horotec tool was designed to make it possible to open watch cases with ease. Just position the point of the tool between the case back and the case and push slowly. The blade will "pop" under the back, allowing you to lift the case back off. What makes this possible? A spring and firing-pin mechanism inside, you can open watch case backs with just a turn of the handle. Set comes with three different tips allowing you open a wide variety of snap-on case backs.

  • Opens watch case backs with its special spring and firing pin mechanism
  • Comes with three different interchangeable tips
  • 122 mm in length
  • Made in France


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