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Jewelers Red, Water Soluble, Rouge Polishing Compound Peel-Back 7 oz.

Water Soluble Red Rouge
Your Price: $5.75
Item Number: 47.324
this product is made in the usa

The peel back polishing rouge tube helps eliminate the mess and does away with broken bars.  Easy to peel back cardboard tube to expose only the amount needed.  You will love the way that this is in a self contained tube!

  • Red Rouge
  • Used for final buffing
  • Water soluble for easy clean up
  • Produces a high mirror like shine
  • Clean, economical and safe. Peel the cardboard tube back as used, to keep hands clean and safe
  • Safe to use on gold, silver and other soft metals
  • 5.1" X 1.1" X 1.1" Inches (127 X 27 X 27mm)
  • Made in USA

Warning: Breathing dust may be harmful. Use with adequate ventilation. Use of a dust respirator and safety goggles is advised

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