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L & R Quantrex Series Q90 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner 1/2 Gallon Tank

L & R Quantrex
Your Price: $279.00
Item Number: 23.606

this product is made in the usa

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems represent the most advanced technology in ultrasonic cleaning. The Quantrex machines offer increased power for greater cavitation, more standard features and the most comprehensive warranty in the industry today. Quantrex systems are manufactured with vinyl-clad steel housings, stainless steel tanks, and only the highest quality components available.

Each tank and body is carefully inspected for strength and durability. The contemporary design and quiet operation complement any environment. In addition to L&R's 2-1/2 year entire unit warranty, the housing is warranted for 5 years and the tank-to-transducer bonding is covered for 10 years! Quantrex and quality are synonymous - it's L&R's assurance that the Quantrex system is built for many years to come.

Quantrex Features:

  • Backed by the L&R Double Warranty - It covers the entire unit for defects in materials and workmanship for 2-1/2 years
  • Begins to generate heat through the solution as soon as it is turned on
  • The 20-Minute/Hold timer allows pre-set or continuous cleaning cycle
  • Frequency 42,000 Hz
  • 110 watts & 0.9 amps with heat
  • Vinyl-clad steel housing
  • Stainless steel tank and cover
  • Premium system components
  • Overall dimensions: 8.8" X 7.0" X 6.4" Inches (222 X 177 X 162mm)
  • Internal Tank: 5.9" X 5.4" X 4.0" Inches (149 X 136 X 101mm)
  • Made in USA

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