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Micro-Applicator Stick Pack of 50

Micro Applicator Stick
Micro Applicator StickMicro Applicator StickMicro Applicator Stick
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These flexible applicator brushes have unique, non-absorbent, synthetic fibers. Solution is held in suspension until applied - eliminating dripping, spilling and waste. Great for solvents, adhesives and enamels. Applicator brush ends can be bent to any angle for precise application (choose brush diameter of 1.50mm or 2.50mm). Sold in package of 50.

  • Overall length is 4" inches
  • Non-linting and non-absorbent
  • Use for solvents, adhesives, enamels,  sealants, etchants and bonding agents
  • Tip can bend to any angle to get at hard to reach areas
  • Synthetic fibers
  • 1.50mm or 2.50mm diameter
  • Sold in package of 50

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Compressed Air Can
Dust Off Compressed Air 10 oz. Can
Your Price: $6.99
Dust Off Compressed Air 10 oz. Can
Compressed air is a quick jewelry and watch cleaning method that is used to clean dust from any small to reach area like keyboards, watch crystals, watch dials, inside watch movements, and in hard to reach spaces of rings and pendants. Made in U.S.A.
Bench Dial Brush
Bench Dial Brush, Length 4 1/4"
Your Price: $3.95
Bench Dial Brush, Length 4 1/4"
Its no secret that even the most tidy watchmaker or jeweler will have to clean the workbench at some point, or will have to dust off the piece they are repairing. Well, this is just the watch tool you need: work bench and watch dial brush.
Horotec Latex Finger Cots Medium (pkg 50)
Your Price: $8.49
Horotec Latex Finger Cots Medium (pkg 50)
These Latex finger cots are designed to protect the watch movement and your fingers during a repair of a watch. They will help keep your fingers dirt and glue free, and help keep you from getting finger oil and grime in the watch movement.
Jewelery cleaning swabs
Bergeon Cleaning Swabs Series 7007-S Assortment of 35 Pcs.
Your Price: $27.99
Bergeon Cleaning Swabs Series 7007-S Assortment of 35 Pcs.
This 35 piece assortment is ideal for jewelers & watchmakers as it meets every cleaning need. The 7 different cleaning swabs work for the largest, easy to reach areas & the smallest, hard to reach areas. Ensure your jewelry repair is clean with this kit.
Softshine Lintless Polishing Cloth
SoftShine Non-Treated Lintless Polishing Cloth 5" x 5"
Your Price: $1.89
SoftShine Non-Treated Lintless Polishing Cloth 5" x 5"
This multi-functional soft jewelry polishing cloth is a great addition to your jewelry cleaning supplies. It is lintless & won't leave any residue or fingerprints behind on precious metals or even crystal. It is also safe for cleaning watches & gemstones.
Bergeon Swiss Dial Brushes
Bergeon Super Soft Brushes (Choose Size)
Your Price: Starting at $19.95
Bergeon Super Soft Brushes (Choose Size)
Swiss made, soft horse hair brushes have hollow plastic handles making them extremely lightweight and ideal for delicate work. Used for cleaning or dusting watch dials and also for applying borax. Available with fine or medium brush tip size.

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